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Curieux Academic Journal

The Curieux Academic Journal is a multidisciplinary academic journal written entirely by high school students.

National High School Journal of Science

The National High School Journal of Science is a free, online, student-run and peer-reviewed research journal that is targeted towards high school students.

Journal of Emerging Investigators

The Journal of Emerging Investigators is an open-access journal that publishes original research in the biological and physical sciences that is written by middle and high school students.

The Columbia Junior Science Journal

The Columbia Junior Science Journal is a high school research journal seeking one- to two-page original research papers.  The  journal provides high school students with a platform to publish manuscripts in the fields of natural sciences, physical sciences, engineering, and social sciences. 


A math journal at The University of Chicago, devoted to the encouragement and development of young  scientists supported by the National Science Foundation

Journys - Journal of Youths in Science

Our mission is to build a collaborative community of students, teachers, and scientists that supports the brightest minds in the future of STEM.